The Essential Spirits Needed for a Home Bar in 2022

The Essential Spirits Needed for a Home Bar in 2022 - Spirits of France

It’s Covid, one day you can go to a bar, the next you can’t…

So rather than waiting to see what you're allowed to do next week, you’ve decided, once and for all, it’s time to set up with the perfect home bar! 

Here you'll find the perfect list of Spirits required to cater for every need! Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Whisky, Brandy, Rum and more, explore what home bar essentials are needed in your collection in 2022. 

Well, where do you start?



The most commonly used base in cocktails around the world. This is a must have! Cocktails with vodka are designed that the spirit isn’t the focal point, rather, the surrounding flavours. Therefore, you need a high quality, no offensive vodka which will let the rest of the drink shine!

  • If you’re after the best, you simply cannot go past Hartshorn Vodka. Winner of the World’s Best Vodka 2018, and Australia’s best vodka 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. Since the company has opened its doors, it’s won Australia’s best vodka every year!

Remember, if you go for a cheap Vodka, you'll spoil your drink!

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Every heard of a G&T? Say no more… you need a gin!

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What is the best whisky for a home bar? As simple as ‘how long is a piece of string’…

I can say with confidence, everything for sale at Spirits of France can be enjoyed neat! We are very picky with what we sell, and we don’t stock what we don’t believe in. The following words are a generalisation, and I’d recommend digging into Whisky a little further if you’re wanting to be picky.

  • For mixing, Go with the cheaper options. Bases such as Cola will steal the taste buds anyway, so don’t spend too much if you want to mix it.
  • For neat, I’d highly recommend… everything we offer! Truly, you cannot go wrong. Don’t’ be scared, you won’t find any JB or JD here.
  • For a show piece, a must buy is the Willett Pot Still! It simply looks stunning on your back bar, and tastes incredible! You’ll often find it in bars around Australia for $30 a nip. Must more cost effective if you buy a bottle!
  • Whisky a little too strong for your taste buds? Well try the Maple Whisky Liqueur from Sortilege! At only 30%, it won’t blow you away, and the maple base will smooth the rest of the alcohol out anyway. Trust me, buy some! Features in our top 3 selling items each year.

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‘Buy a nice Rum’, sounds simple, right? Wrong! Rum comes in all different shapes and sizes. To name a few, you have Traditional Rum, Agricole Rhum, Spiced Rum, White Rum, Golden Rum and more!

Let’s break it down a little…

  • You need a white rum. This is a great base for cocktails! Think Mojito’s and Daiquiri’s.
  • Dark, Traditional and Agricole are for those who love Rum neat. Don’t get us wrong, you can mix these, but consider enjoying them neat and take in the worldly flavours you find in Rums from around the globe!
  • Spiced Rum is the rum which makes you sing! Hot and spicy, it can be mixed into many different cocktails like a spicy Mojito for those who find a regular Mojito to be a little basic. Try this stunning one from Beach House!

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The king of the Margarita! For Agave lovers, you have a couple of choices:

  • Tight budget? Go with a Blanco Tequila. This will please the masses, and you won’t feel guilty mixing it in a cocktail.
  • After something a little nicer, try a Reposado or a Anejo!
  • Wanting to totally mix it up? Forget tequila, try its cousin, Mezcal!

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Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados. If you want to really impress, add a vintage bottle of brandy to your collection. Spirits of France offers over 200 Brandies, so let’s break them down a little.

  • Armagnac vs Cognac. It’s a tough fight, so CLICK HERE to explore the differences, and you’ll be able to decide what is best for you. Make sure you add one to your collection.
  • Calvados is an authentic apple brandy, made in Normandy. Calvados is the result of fermented apple juice, which is fermented and distilled in oak casks. A fascinating, intense, and fruity after dinner drinks. It also used in cocktails using its pronounced aromas and flavours.

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