Victor Gontier


Victor Gontier Calvados Domfrontais 2013 40% 500ml

Victor Gontier

A young, vibrant calvados distilled from apple and pear.

This 2013 vintage comes from distiller/farmer Victor Gontier, who’s located in the Domfrontais region.

According to the importers, “Long after the outcome of mobile phones, calling Victor Gontier on the only landline by their entrance door, one would enjoy a cacophony of chook noises , roosters calls, pigs squeals in the courtyard, confirming the authenticity of the place and thus of its production.”

The controlled Domfrontais appellation requires at least 35 percent pear juice, which gives a softer character and lends itself to quicker maturation.

Small Farm production of Calvados for 3 generations, in the heart of the Calvados Domfrontais Appellation d’ Origine Controllée AOC area. Made with a minimum one third pears and apples for the balance it is rustic, farm style and smell. Truly for the locals. No compromises...meaning, that it is absolutely authentic, but also fruitier and rounder when young than Pays d’Auge Calvados that require more ageing. Also famous for its apple and pear cider: They are 100% pure juice like all French ciders or Perry must be by law and no addition of anything but sulphite under strict conditions is permitted. This is very important to bear in mind when in most countries of the world ciders can have up to 45 % water added , with sugar, aromatics synthetic or natural, sugar, alcohol, preservatives etc.

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