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Tiny Bear The Sailor 58% 700ml

Tiny Bear Distillery
Tiny Bear The Sailor:
Have you ever wondered what Navy strength actually means? And what's it got to do with Gin?
Sit down and pour yourself a glass my friend and wonder no longer.
We enter the Royal British Navy, an organisation that liked their gin very boozy indeed. They found that if you mix a 'Navy' strength gin, around 57-58% with gunpowder [as you do when you're stuck on a boat for months on end with very little entertainment] - it still ignites if it has enough alcohol in it. "Proof" it's good, really.
Bit of food for thought while you enjoy this slow sipper.
#TheSailor - 58% alc
700ml - 32.1 standard drinks 200ml - 9.2 standard drinks   The Sailor Easy and simple slow sipper, juniper base, orange, clove and spiced cardamom. TB Recommendations: Be brave = neat / on rocks Add tonic with Orange & clove = extra warmth Slice of ginger = extra kick A strong Gin and Tonic   Shop more Tiny Bear HERE
Tiny Bear Distillery is a micro distillery located in the outer Melbourne suburb of Knoxfield. Opening their doors in June of 2018, they released three signature gins as well as two liqueurs. Each bottle contains alcohol which as fermented, distilled and flavour infused onsite. Tiny Bear Distillery has an innovative approach to creating its products, driven by the creators Chemistry and Biology teaching background. Quality of the product is always Tiny Bears priority, as each and every batch is created from their own kale wash, distilled in their 200L copper column still and then bottled and labelled by hand. Each gin has its own distinct original flavour profile, using only the freshest and if possible locally sourced botanicals.

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