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Taylor & smith Dry Gin 46% 100ml

Taylor and Smith
The fresh spirit of Tasmania?s ancient Huon Pine, iridescent abalone shell and pristine water. A nod to a London Dry, our Dry Gin features the four key botanicals of sage, abalone shell, Huon Pine needles and red grapefruit. Fresh sage is grown in our distillery garden and we source the shell whilst on family abalone dives. Once cleaned, the shell is dried and broken into tiny pieces to infuse in the gin. Abalone shell, used in Chinese medicine, is a calcium carbonate to neutralise the acids and adds a slight salinity. Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) is a species of conifer native to Tasmania. It is found by the edge of rivers and is an incredibly slow growing, revered local timber. The needles provide pine notes that differ to juniper and add to the complexity of the dryness.
Taylor and Smith Distillery is made up of Natalie Smith and Ben Taylor, based in Moonah, a suburb of greater Hobart. What inspires them to make great spirits is sharing the essence of something?it?s finding the essence of a place or the essence of a wonderful botanical or a product someone's produced like delicious honey. As a painter (Ben) and a writer (Natalie), they have learnt to distil the essence of things and now taking seeds, leaves, fruits and nuts and distil them into the very essence of place itself. The air in Tasmania is just phenomenal and the water that they use in the distillery comes from Mount Field, a national park not too far from them. It is so clear and it's a lake of snowmelt and that feeds directly down to there distillery. The spirit and the botanicals are distilled together in a 400-litre copper pot still, Essie, handmade by Ben. This gives the gin a really soft sensation when drinking and makes for a delicious G&T or cocktail. Taylor and Smith's design and packaging draw on these unique qualities, and reflect their heritage?the names Taylor and Smith?are very much based on ideas or processes that are handmade. You can take a lot of pride in things when you do them yourself.

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