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St Raphael Red (Rouge) Quina 18% 750ml

St Raphael
The intense and distinguished Quina Red is a subtle combination of plants and spices, dominated by cocoa. On the palate, huge vinosity gives the attack a sensation of power perfectly balanced by sweetness and the well-structured tannins provided by the quinquina bark and Colombo. The aromatic complexity peaks in notes of orange peel, chocolate and vanilla. Tasting Notes: The sweetness of the bouquet is immediately apparent on the first nosing, with cocoa, vanilla and caramel all expressing their warmth This impression is confirmed on the palate with a very smooth attack. The tannins are subtle are underscored by notes of orange peel. The long finish leaves a velvety feel on the palate.
It all stared in 1830, when Dr Ademar Juppet began the development of an aperitif made from Quinquina and wine. After spending many long nights perfecting the beverage, his eye sight began to fail, this is when he remembered the biblical epitaph in which the Archangel Raphael famously heals Tobit of his blindness. He heals and finally succeeds in elaborating the recipe of St Raphael, giving the name of the Archangel to his aperitif to thank him.  Ademar Juppet could have also have chosen the St Raphael name in reference to Raphael the famous Italian Renaissance painter, to match his liquid beauty to the pictorial beauty of The Three Graces painting. St Raphaël has since marked the Belle Epoque and the Glorious Thirties, carried by his famous coffee boys and his unique iconography. A symbolic aperitif of yesterday and today, St Raphaël offers all the pleasure of an authentic aperitif à la Française. This new collection of Quinas, featuring a Red and an Amber version, take us back to the 1950s, paying tribute to St Raphaël’s typical sweet richness.

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