St. Laurent Gin 43% 700ml

St Laurent
The Gin St. Laurent is a breath of sea air laden with salt, powerful herbaceous and floral notes interspersed with a pine-wood aroma reminiscent of Quebec's boreal forest. A complex gin resulting from an improbable union of aromatics from the four corners of the globe and algae of the St. Lawrence. A first herbaceous and floral approach gives way to notes of pinewood followed by pastry flavours, citrus scents and a peppery hint. The laminar alga, also called Neptune's harness, gives the Gin St. Laurent its characteristic greenish colour and a soft mineral and slightly iodised finish. Awards: "Canadian Gin Distillery of the Year" at New York International Spirits Competition 2016
Distillerie du St. Laurent is a friend-operated spirits producer located in the coastal town of Rimouski, Canada. There mission is to elevate the art of craft distilling in Quebec by transmuting the best ingredients from here and abroad into exquisite and distinctive spirits. Like most booze-related story, the Journey started as a hobby in Jean-François' basements where some "totally legal essential oils distillation operation" took place on the weekends. At that time, there were just a handful of craft distilleries in Eastern Canada, so we founded Distillerie du St. Laurent and obtained our distilling permit in August 2015. St. Laurent Gin, a marine Gin with mineral and salty notes, was released in early 2016 and it was a blast. We quickly became a favourite in our domestic market and attracted attention abroad. Everything went pretty fast afterwards. In 2017, we've ramped up Gin production to cope with the demand: St. Laurent Gin is now distributed in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Japan, Philippines and now Australia! Distillerie du St. Laurent is now considered both a pioneer and a leader in the craft spirits movement in Quebec.
  • New York International Spirits Competition 2016, Bronze
  • Canada Gin Distillery of the Year
  • International Spirits Challenge 2017, Bronze
  • International Wine & Spirits competition 2018, Silver

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