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Prohibition Gin 'Bathtub Cut' SMALL CARAFE 69% 100ml

Prohibition Liquor Co.
A bold nose of vanilla, juniper-spice, fortified and defined by wormwood-driven herbaceous tones and surrounded with a floral veil. The upfront palate is commanded by a confectionery juniper-come-aniseed flavour that stretches full, leaving a warm finish decorated with cinnamon and almond nuttiness. A rich experience, as gentle as a 69% spirit could possibly be. The ultimate cocktail gin, with rich flavour and punch. BOTANICALS Juniper | Coriander seed | Ginger root | Wormwood Orange | Grapefruit | Orris root | Cassia bark Star anise | Almond | Green tea | Vanilla | Lavender BASE SPIRIT Grape-based spirit from the Barossa Valley, South Australia. THE STYLE A new expression of a classic style – bold, dry, and overproof in a complex and sophisticated way. A gin for a true bootlegger, and can be enjoyed neat or mixed.
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When Prohibition started in 1920 in the USA, an industry was born... to bring the people what they wanted. Gin was the liquor of choice for clandestine, bootleg spirit makers. In this tradition, almost 100 years later, Prohibition Liquor Co was created. Echoing this small batch craftsmanship, this time by choice... in the search for quality with the finest botanicals and sophisticated detail from artisan hands. To quality, Prohibition liquor, add beauty, with a beautiful carafe.

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