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SKU: Peureux Griottines 1000ml

Peureux Griottines Jar (Sour cherries de-stoned in liqueur and kirsch) 15% 1000ml

Grandes Distilleries Peureux

Peureux Griottines Jar (Sour cherries de-stoned in liqueur and kirsch) 15% 1000ml

Griottines® are wild sour cherries macerated in liquor and Kirsch. At each stage of their manufacture, the most advanced know-how and techniques follow one another to give you the best of nature. In 1955, Claude Peureux, then at the head of Distilleries Peureux, launched sour cherries for use by chocolate makers. But it was really in the 80s with Pierre Baud that Griottines® will see the light of day. In 2003, Bernard Baud took over from his father, Pierre Baud, and gave Griottines® all their credentials with its emblematic red box and its characteristic jar.

Auguste PEUREUX founded his distillery in 1864 in Fougerolles at the foot of the Vosges mountains in Lorraine. The distillery specialised in the production of fruit brandies, including the famous Fougerolles kirsch, and before long these eaux-de-vie had acquired a widespread reputation, their excellence being recognised at the 1900 World Fair in Paris. Since then Peureux has become the major fruit Eaux de Vie distiller of France for its own products and on behalf of many over brands. They are also famous for their Griottines, confit sour cherries in kirsch.
  • Sip Awards, Usa, 2016, Gold Medal
  • Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Iwsc, 2019, Silver Medal
  • Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018, Silver Medal

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