Pineau des Charentes


Normandin-Mercier Aperitif Pineau des Charentes Rouge (Red) 4 years17% 750ml

4 Years
Assembly of two-thirds of white grape freshly pressed and very mature (Merlot) with a third of one year Cognac, the whole aged in oak cask during four years. It is only at the end of this period that we obtain Pineau of the Charente carefully married. The subtlety lies in fresh notes of fruit, a delicate sugar and well-melted alcohol. Tasting Notes Colour: Deep red, with mahogany, copper, and brown highlights. Nose: Red Pineau has a concentrated, rich nose with hints of ripe fruit (blackcurrant, blackberry, and morello cherries) accompanied by a touch of spice (cinnamon), liquorice, and vanilla. Palate: Very smooth, full-bodied, and powerful with red fruit flavours and a fine, long aftertaste. Best served chilled as an aperitif or dessert wine.
With a history spanning back over 100 years, the house of J Normandin-Mercier has always produced eaux-de-vie from only two of the cognac growing regions; Grande and Petite Champagne. Creating their wares with a 'quality over quantity' philosophy, the family Normandin has passed their chateau and business down through the generations. The site of Chateau de la Peraudiere was carefully considered back in the 19th century and was a strategic location aimed directly at the production of superior quality cognac and ease of distribution. Close to the town of La Rochelle, not only is it close to the sea, but also to the rail networks. The town was the major exportation center of cognac at that time. In addition, the climate in this area slow itself extremely favorable to the distillation and aging process of the cognacs that filled the chateau's cellars. J Normandin Mercier Cognac today is still firmly a family-run affair. Using the knowledge and expertise passed down to them over the decades, Edouard, Jean-Marie and Audrey Normandin continue to produce cognacs in exactly the same methods as their ancestors. With this firmly in mind, the estate of Cognac J Normandin-Mercier remains to this day a chateau which welcomes visitors and provides them with personal experience of today's cognac making industry.

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