Neisson RUM Vieux 3 to 9 Years 45% 700ml

3 - 9 Years
This blend of carefully selected rums has peacefully aged thirty-six to sixty months in our small cellars, in Le Carbet, and serves as the subtler introduction to the sensory world of recognizable Neisson aged rums, both tender and virile. Colour: The appearance is of a light amber colour. Nose: Le Rhum vieux by Neisson exhales a harmoniously integrated symphony of wooded mellow aromas with, vanilla, honey and dried fruits. Palate: A very harmonious structure with extremely softened tannins in line with the nose. Serving Suggestion: Le Rhum vieux by Neisson is best enjoyed neat and served in a glass with a round bowl.
A small distillery at the entrance of a fishing village on Martinique island. A small distillery owned by a woman, led by her son Gregory Vernant Neisson, who today is the last Master Distiller and owner in the island. A small distillery, which has become a leader in the Rhum Agricole field thanks to the Appellation d'Origine Contr?l?e (A.O.C.), which is the French equivalent of the English Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Neisson owns forty hectares in the municipality of La Carbet, and processes only the cane from his plantations, where they seek to cultivate three non-hybrid sugar cane varieties: the malanoi, the ruban?e and the crystalline. The slow fermentation of pure cane juice lasts 72 hours, the longest in all the French Antilles, thus developing a unique aromatic range. The distillation is carried out by Gregory in the mythical Savalle column still from 1938: an artisan, meticulous, almost maniacal distillation with low alcohol content with the intention of producing a rhum of great structure, bottled in the now iconic rectangular z?pol kar? bottle , highly sought after by collectors.

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