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Naud French Vodka 40% 700ml

Distillerie de la Tour
Explorers at heart, Jean-Michel and Pierre NAUD are passionate about the diversity and the richness of the lands of France. They have pinpointed the fertile lands north east of Paris the best winter wheat. Recalling the days when ground wheat poured through the mill, cereal aromas are once again lingering in the air of the family distillery. Blended with spring water, naturally filtered through the estate’s limestone soils, this crystal-clear vodka is a pure expression of “élégance à la Française.
Nose Subtle fragrances of malted barley, biscuits and roasted hazel nuts.
Palate Strong and smooth, with persistent notes of roasted rice (typical of Genmaicha tea) and nougat.Our vodka boasts a strong character which will be appreciated straight up or in cocktails such a White Russian or a Roller Rock.
Alcohol content 40% Vol.
Over the last century, five generations of bold and passionate entrepreneurs have crafted spirits in the ancient family distillery, founded by Emile Perrier the famous fruit-liquor maker. The last ones in line are even somewhat rebellious. In the nineteen eighties Jean-Michel Naud, a trained oenologist and passionate explorer of wines and spirits, the son-in-law of Robert Perrier, rediscovered the distillery. Today, with his son, Pierre, they have decided to reignite the flames under the copper pot stills to create distinguished Cognacs, which can be proud of their origins. They are also offering a range of unconventional spirits for the region, aimed at connoisseurs. The Naud Family invites you to share their passion for the Art of Distillation by revealing these treasures which have been kept secret so long…
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition, London, 2020, Gold Medal
  • The Spirits Masters, London, 2017, Gold Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge, London, 2018, Silver medal
  • Bartender Brand Awards, UK, 2020, 3 x Silver Medals
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition, London, 2018, Silver Medal
  • WSWA, Orlando, 2017, Silver Medal

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