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Naud Brandy Triple Toast Finish 42.7% 750ml

Distillerie de la Tour
The Triple Burnt Special Cask Finish is the result of a specific process which consists of scraping out and toasting the inside of secondhand red wine casks. These American oak casks are charred three times: once lightly and twice heavily with a blowtorch. We love the typical vanilla and strong caramel notes which the burnt wood brings to our Monteru Brandy. Tasting Notes:

The magnificent limpid caramel colour is a hint to the richness of this special finish brandy.

The nose tells tales of a bakery where hotcakes have just come out of the oven, complex with aromas of dried fig, walnut, menthol and a hint of cocoa powder.

The mouth is very expressive with typical Bourbon aromas such as smooth caramel and smoky vanilla. The palate boasts notes of raisins, walnut and a herbal touch, reminiscent of traditional vermouth.

The long-lasting finish reveals accents of toasted almonds and dried herbs

Since 1989, Distillerie de la Tour is the unique operator working the complete range of the Charentes viticultural production: from wines to wine eau-de-vie, brandy, cognac and vodka. With 46 million litres storage capacity in stainless steel tanks and 7 million litres storage capacity in oak barrels, they have the potential to offer a wide range of wines and spirits with exceptional aromatic richness.

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