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Mette Eau de Vie Asperule Odorante - Reine des Bois (Sweetscented Bedstraw spirit) 45% 350ml

Distillerie Mette
Small white flowers found in the woods, often nicknamed “master of the woods”. Fresh and herbal, the nose reveals earthy notes of roots and straw. The palate remains loyal to the nose. Notes of gentian and topinambour roots with a finish of dried herbs and straw.
It all starts with the choice of fruits, flowers and spices. Contrary to common belief, spoiled fruits are not used in the distillery. Mette accepts only the best-quality fruits and holds to a high standard in produce. Timing is of utmost importance. Naturally sweet fruits ferment in for around 6 to 8 weeks. Other berries, flowers and spices are put to maceration in a neutral eau-de-vie made of wine and therefore three dimensional rather than flat. And ageing in stainless steel vats up to 10 years is of outmost importance. The exotic components are amazing discoveries: Acacia, Asperule (from which the first aspirin was obtained), Medlar, Greengage Plum, etc.

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