Pineau des Charentes

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Mery Melrose Pineau des Charentes Rouge (Red) Organic 16.5% 750ml

Mery Melrose

Grapes: Made mainly from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

The pairing of red grape must with young cognac. Aged in oak barrels

VIEW: Beautiful colour of ruby red.

NOSE: Aromas of fruit, cherry and raspberry.

TASTE: Delicious, effusive, sweet-summer in a glass.

GASTRONOMY: The perfect aperitif, an addition to food, in your favourite cocktail!

Partner of Charentais melon, fresh goat cheese, chocolate pie or Christmas cake.

Méry Melrose is an artisan family owned cognac house, established in 2012, by François and Janis Méry. The independent cognac house grows its own grapes organically, and artfully transform their crop through vilification and distillation to make exceptional cognac. The heart of their business is organic farming, viticulture (or wine growing is the cultivation and harvesting of grapes). Each bottle has a distinctive design with character of the cognac collection. Its influenced by partial art found in ancient caves of France, which date back some 18,000 years, to a time when man lived beside animal thus the labels show animals, humans figures, and abstract signs. The labels symbolise our ancestors, history, time and art. The rose symbol represents love; of their family, each other and craft. 

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