Maurin Quina Le Puy Aperitif 16% 1000ml

With its exquisite red colour, Maurin Quina le puy is a svelte, opulent mix of white wine, wild cherries, cinchona bark (quinine), lemon and cherry juice. Once you see how satisfied the smirking green, mischievous demon on the bottle is after he procured a bottle of Maurin, you will want to try it too. The flavours articulate with dawdling finesse revealing fruit (wild berry, lemon) and floral nuances that resolve with a solid, tart display of bitter, earthy floral tones. This finish lingers excellently restating the flavours and leaving your palate eager for more. Try this chilled, on ice, with soda and a twist or in a wonderful cocktail. Tasty all year round. For more Apertifs, click HERE
Vedrenne brings your cocktails alive! Vedrenne is the third leading French producer of fruit liqueurs and cocktail liqueurs and incontestable leader in the upmarket segment for connoisseurs, bartenders and mixologists as well as cocktails lovers. Every year Vedrenne liqueurs and aperitif receive numerous medals for their exceptional quality in prestigious international blind-tasting competitions. Their Museum devoted to Cassis ( Black Blackcurrant the variety exclusive to Burgundy ) is impressive and highly entertaining. Apart from their main production centre they operate a smaller distillery in the Dordogne / Périgord region, the cornucopia of fruit and plants of France, where they let free their inventive and creative spirit.

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