Massenez Roquefort (Blue Cheese) Liqueur 25% 700ml


Massenez Roquefort (Blue Cheese) Liqueur 25% 700ml

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Product Description

Crafted through the meticulous maceration of Roquefort from the Caves Baragnaudes, this remarkable liqueur is delicately sweetened, resulting in a libation imbued with intense aromas. Its flavour profile echoes the bold, robust essence and salty undertones of the iconic French cheese, all perfectly harmonised within this captivating liqueur.⁠

It's a culinary ally, adding a sweet, Roquefort-flavoured touch to meat dishes, chicory, walnut salads, and fruity desserts—ideal as an aperitif, pre or post-dinner and, of course, creating cocktails.

Contains milk

Customer Reviews

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Howie Drinkwater
Brave, Tastes like fine Roquefort cheese!

Well, this was an oddity I just HAD to try. Sure enough, it tastes like fine Roquefort cheese, and if you like blue cheeses, it is delicious - however - everyone I have given some to was in a state of confusion because they just drank liqueur, but tasted cheese. I realised that this stuff may be too challenging to sip over ice (I do, some won't) so I created a cocktail! Now everyone wants more. The challenge was that Roquefort had to be the leading flavour, because if blue cheese was a flavour in the background, then drinkers would be left wondering "what is wrong with my drink?"

I present to you the "Assiette" cocktail:
Serve pre-dinner. Most common adjectives are "delicious" and "complex"
30ml Massenez Liqueur de Roquefort
20ml Tawny Port (best you can get for your palate)
12.5ml Massenez Liqueur de Baguette
7.5ml Walnut Vodka (Soplika or similar)
5ml Quince Vodka (Soplika or similar - don't use Quince Gin)
5ml Massenez Apricot Brandy
Garnish (Pickled baby fig etc.)

1. Stir all ingredients with ice
2. Allow to sit in mixing glass so some ice melts (or add 1tsp chilled water)
3. Pour into a chilled Nick & Nora glass
4. Garnish with a skewered pickled baby fig and/or a slice of pear, or plop in a walnut.