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Massenez Liqueur de Poire William 'Golden Eight' (Williams Pear) 25% 700ml

8 Years
G.E. Massenez
Golden Eight's base is a Pear Williams eau-de-vie that has been aged for 8 years. Approximately 20 pounds of pears are used to produce this unique liqueur. Golden Eight offers itself for tasting with a beautiful amber color and fiery golden highlights, a divine promise of a great liqueur. At the opening of the bottle, a powerful, warm Pear Williams aroma is released, shimmering with generous notes, to pleasure and incite the taste. Then, like a delicate and sensual symphony, all the pear aromas are gently offered, from the freshly harvested fruits to the complex vanilla & caramelized bouquet. A unique and exclusive offering from the Massenez distillery, founded in 1870, which prides itself on guarding its secret recipes and passing them on from generation to generation.
G.E Massenez has developed high quality 'triple concentrated' Fruit Liqueurs. Their rich aroma makes theme very versatile and they can be drunk neat, over ice, in cocktails or poured on ice creams, pastries, etc.. G E Massenez sets the standard of uppermost quality and price that its competitors only hope they could reach. This is of course due to the best Know how but also an emphasis on natural ingredients. Their Eaux de vie de fruit with the fruit apple or pear, prisoner and floating in the corresponding fruit brandy, in a beautifully shaped bottle, are a real surprise. They grew inside the bottle, suspended on the tree.
  • Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018, Platinum Medal
  • Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2017, Platinum Medal
  • Sip Awards, Usa, 2016, Platinum Medal
  • Cwsa, Hong Kong, 2015, Double Gold Medal
  • London Spirits Competition, 2019, Gold Medal
  • Iwsc, London, 2020, Silver Medal
  • London Spirits Competition, 2020, Silver Medal
  • Best Wines And Spirits Competition In The Usa, 2019, Silver Medal
  • Spirits Selection By Concours Mondial De Bruxelles, 2019, Silver Medal
  • Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Iwsc, 2017, Silver Medal
  • The Best Wines And Spirits In Asia Contest, 2017, Silver Medal
  • Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Iwsc, 2016, Silver Medal
  • Concours International Vins Et Spiritueux, 2016, Silver Medal
  • Spirits Selection By Concours Mondial De Bruxelles, 2016, Silver Medal
  • Canada World Spirits Competition, 2015, Silver Medal
  • Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Iwsc, 2019, Bronze Medal

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