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Marie Dolin Sirop de Framboise (Raspberry) Syrup 700ml


Sipping a chilled Raspberry syrup, sitting in the garden on a beautiful sunny day - one of life's little pleasures that it would be a shame to miss. These slightly tart light drinks are ideal when it's hot out; they'll quench your thirst and delight your taste buds. Fruity and fun, this Chambéry syrup brings the colour of summer into your life year-round.

For the adults, a little touch of syrup in your cocktails or delicious alcohol-free cocktails!

A household essential, Marie Dolin fruit syrups are loved by children and are a real treat for adults for whom they are like Proust’s madeleine. Named after Marie Dolin - daughter of the founder of La Maison Dolin, located in the heart of the French Alps - the Dolin company continues its legacy with this range of exquisite fruit syrup. Born in 1820, her father was a specialist in Liqueurs. Steeped in this heritage she began to develop recipes for syrups made from wild plants and herbs. They can be mixed with soda or in homemade alcohol-free cocktails that, with a little imagination, offer endless possibilities to vary snack time drinks or aperitifs.

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