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SKU: LIMspeziale500ml

Limonio Speziale spices liqueur 32% 500ml


Speziale is obtained from the infusion of orange, natural flavours and spices. Its great peculiarity is that it can be added to hot drinks such as tea, herbal teas and coffee. Some tasting tips: try it with panna cotta, croutons with fig jam and almond biscuits.

Ingredients :

Orange, alcohol from the distillation of Sicilian wine grapes, natural flavours, infusion of spices, sugar and water.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: dense and amber

Nose: a delicate hint of spices, typical of Sicilian sweets

Palate: intense and balanced aroma

Limonio is a Sicilian company that has been producing and transforming citrus fruits for over 100 years. After dedicating a century to essential oils extraction, we started producing citrus fruit liqueurs in the early nineties.

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