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Limonio Cannella Cinnamon liqueur 32% 500ml


Cannella cinnamon is the mother of this precious and delicate liqueur, with mellow aromas. It can also be enjoyed at room temperature, as well as putting a few drops in hot drinks such as coffee, herbal tea, tea and chocolate. Taste it in the company of a slice of apple pie.

Ingredients :

Cinnamon, alcohol from the distillation of Sicilian wine grapes, sugar and water.

Tasting Notes :

Colour: amber yellow

Nose: delicate cinnamon scent

Palate: soft, refined and persistent

Limonio is a Sicilian company that has been producing and transforming citrus fruits for over 100 years. After dedicating a century to essential oils extraction, we started producing citrus fruit liqueurs in the early nineties.

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