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Limonio Amaro Bitter Liqueur 30% 500ml


Made by infusing bitter orange peels, herbs and roots in alcohol, this Amaro should be served cold at a temperature ranging between -5 and -8 degrees. Excellent both as an aperitif and as a tonic and digestive after a meal, it is recommended to try it by mixing it with tonic water, soda, gin and even prosecco or champagne.

Ingredients :

Infusion of herbs and roots of Mediterranean scrub and alcohol from the distillation of Sicilian wine grapes, sugar and water.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: honey brown

Nose: hints of Mediterranean scrub and wet earth.

Palate: good persistence, it is soft and harmonious on the palate

Limonio is a Sicilian company that has been producing and transforming citrus fruits for over 100 years. After dedicating a century to essential oils extraction, we started producing citrus fruit liqueurs in the early nineties.

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