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La Salamandre Eau de Vie Poire William 45% 700ml

Distillerie la Salamandre
La Salamandre William pear brandy comes from the natural fermentation of William pears, harvested a few tens of kilometres from the distillery. It is then distilled in traditional copper stills, then aged for at least 2 years in vats. This artisanal work of the fruit gives our William pear brandy an incomparable fruitiness, with almost the impression of “crunching the fruit”. The full aroma of fresh fruit explodes in the nose. Very great aromatic power in the mouth. Entirely melting, rounded and fresh with exceptional harmony. The Eau de Vie de Poire William is traditionally consumed at the end of a good meal, to facilitate digestion. The quantity served should be tiny, around 20ml, the digestive being the last aromatic touch of a good meal. Most often, William Pear is best chilled, in a struck glass, to soften the sensation of alcohol. Also ideal in cocktails and used for desserts such as chocolate mousse.
La Salamandre Fruit Liqueurs, delicate and fruity are made solely of fruits or plants, sugar and alcohol. They are liqueurs of the traditional style, higher in alcohol, to be enjoyed on their own. They may be served as apéritifs when mixed with wine or champagne, as dessert when added to ice cream or sherbet, or enjoyed on their own, lightly cooled. As well as the Eaux de Vie, the style of this region is to pack more powerful aromas, even if a bit more rustic. It fits nicely in the atmosphere and gastronomy of this Aquitaine region, famous for its cuisine.

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