Jean Boyer Pastis Emeraude 45% 700ml

Jean Boyer
Jean Boyer is located in south west of France. The company started in 1994 to supply the 3 stars Michelin restaurants and indiependant cellars of the areas. Their Pastis Emeraude is elaborated on site according to an amazing process... the different plants macerations are rested in traditional vats for up to a year before being slowly married together. The results are stunning. To drink it in the traditional way: about 20ml of Pastis and 100ml of cold water with no or just a couple of ice cubes. One bottles makes over 30 full gallses.Perfect aperitive on a hot day, with olives and almonds, to unwind and start your evening. To be discovered and shared!
Today, the production of Pastis Boyer is only of 100 000 bottles a year against 140 million (including all the brands sold on the French market). Contrary to the distilled alcohol, the macerated alcohol is much more complex with aromas of various plants and spicy notes. But if in pastis market share Jean Boyer represents only 0.07% quantity wise, quality wise it is more like 50% with the other 50% going to Pastis Henri Bardouin from Distilleries et Domaines de Provence as The (British) Financial Times judged after devoting a whole pink page to a comparison of the two.

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