Jean Boyer Pastis Campagne 45% 700ml

Jean Boyer
Tasting Notes: The Pastis de Campagne is made from a fine eau-de-vie, according to the old ways of Provence winegrowers who preferred it for its part gourmand and fruity, cleaner flavor. Like them, Jean Boyer has added to his ‘country’ pastis a number of aromatic spices to give the freshness and aromas that one should expect from a pastis – and a sophisticated drink. During the months that the pastis spends maturing the aromas marry and the pastis clarifies naturally. Delicate aromas of vanilla, nutmeg, and marzipan abound in this delicious drink.
Today, the production of Pastis Boyer is only of 100 000 bottles a year against 140 million (including all the brands sold on the French market). Contrary to the distilled alcohol, the macerated alcohol is much more complex with aromas of various plants and spicy notes. But if in pastis market share Jean Boyer represents only 0.07% quantity wise, quality wise it is more like 50% with the other 50% going to Pastis Henri Bardouin from Distilleries et Domaines de Provence as The (British) Financial Times judged after devoting a whole pink page to a comparison of the two.

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