Jean Boyer Dun Mhor Distillery Blended Scotch Whisky 40% 700ml

Jean Boyer
This is an exceptional Scotch Whisky. A whisky made by a Scottish masted blender whose nose has no equal in the world. It has been enriched with premium single malts. It is bottled without chill-filtration, as in the old days in the Scottish farms, producing an exceptional richness. Its full-bodied, fresh and complex bouquet comes from the blenders skill and fine Scottish Malts. Distilled and aged in oak casks in Scotland. A rich blend. Composed of 30% malt which gives it a beautiful richness.

The JEAN BOYER Company was founded in 1994 to offer its customers quality spirits. She  works directly with

producers to offer authentic products, developed using traditional methods to guarantee their excellence.

Under the impetus of Jean Marie KOVACS, the company is expanding its range.

The whiskey quickly represents more than 60 different references to which are added pastis, eaux-de-vie, rums ...

 for all tastes, for all budgets.

JEAN BOYER reserves the distribution of its products to wine merchants, specialists in niche products offering an excellent report

price quality.

Today 1200 wine merchant customers trust us for guaranteed quality.

The company was taken over in October 2015 by Dominique RIBEREAU-GAYON who wishes to perpetuate his requirement in

search for genuine products.

With a long experience in the production of wine and spirits, combined with a proven knowledge in

quality, Dominique RIBEREAU-GAYON is now expanding the range to include new, exceptional products.

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