J.M Rhum Agricole 2006 Lecompte Cask (Calvados) Finish 41.4% 500ml

Rhum JM
Another excellent single cask rum release from phenomenal producers, Rhum J.M. This distillery, built on the side of a volcano in Martinique, produces one of the highest quality of Rhum Agricole around, with this bottling being no exception. This fabulous spirit has been finished in Calvados casks, the second in this series of bottlings. The result of this finishing process is a rum of extraordinary complexity. Calvados is a type of French apple brandy, highly valued for its clarity of flavour, with the cask being sourced from the famous Lecompte brand. Here the cask lends notes of bright fruits and tartness to the sweet, vanilla-rich and fragrant Agricole, produced from the fermented juice of the sugar cane. The spirit has been aged for 10 years, which is quite a while in the heat of the Caribbean, and produces a rum of surprising complexity. This rum has been bottled at 41.1% ABV. This is a single cask rum, with only 937 bottles available worldwide, meaning that drinkers should move fast if they want to try this tipple. The rum is presented in a frosted glass bottle with a handsome presentation box.
The distillery, founded by Jean Marie Martin (J.M) is located in the North of Martinique Island (French West Indies) and is renowned to be the most prestigious brand for aged Agricole rums. The AOC Rhum Agricole de la Martinique restricts production to the short, best season for the cane to pack aromas, compels that all and only the fresh juice of the cane be used, contrary to 95% of the world rums using the left-overs (Molasses, stalks) of the sugar refining industry. Agricole Rum belongs to the world of cognac or Armagnac, whenever Traditional Rum (also known as Industrial) is in the grappa / pomace world. Lately, and confidently they have experimented with unusual cask finish, going for casks far more complex than the usuals props for whiskies i.e. sherry, port, madeira, fortified sweet wines. They have gone for Calvados, Cognac, and Armagnac casks and longer maturations. So brilliant were the results that all was sold in few days.

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