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Henri Vallet Granada-Vallet Bitter Liqueur 32% 750ml

Henri Vallet
Henri Vallet Granada-Vallet Bitter Liqueur 32% 750ml Granada-Vallet is an herbaceous bitter liqueur from Hidalgo, Mexico, inspired by Italian aperitivi. Pomegranate tartness with hints of cinnamon and fennel is balanced by woody gentian root, wormwood and cinchona bark, with citrus notes of orange and kaffir lime. Oaxacan cochineal delivers its beautiful color, redolent of sunset, to culminate in this balanced, all-natural Mexican liqueur best served over ice or in your favorite craft cocktail.
Henri Vallet began crafting his classic bitters in the 1860s, when he emigrated to Mexico from France during the country's brief French colonisation period. When the French imperial emperor Napoleon the Third was eventually deposed, Henri Vallet remained in his adopted homeland and by the 1880s he had established local prominence as a skilled distiller of elixirs and liqueurs in the Fernet Branca replicated style, including these two bitters that are today still crafted according to his original recipe formulation. They have collected Medals all over the world.

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