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Grosperrin Orange Liqueur 4 years 40% 700ml

4 Years
Jean Grosperrin
Grosperrin Orange d'Or Liqueur 4YO (Blend of Cognac, Armagnac 1979, French Brandy, in Bourbon cask) Blaccurrant buds finish - 19th Century style A blend of rare alcohols, natural essences of bitter oranges, sugar, very old Armagnacs, French Brandy and Cognac, all aged for a minimum of 4 years in former American Bourbon barrels.
Founded in 1808, the Fr?d?ric Mestreau estate produced Cognac until 1919, after struggling with sales during the First World War. Almost a century later, Guilhem Grosperrin, an avid Cognac collector who travels all four corners of the globe to find rare and refined products, was given the opportunity to purchase 250 bottles of early 19th century Cognacs from Abel Mestreau's personal collection. Now, a century after the estate fell silent, the brand has been revived with the launch of the No 28 XO Fine Champagne Cognac. Described as "a very fine XO" that's "great for sipping", this particular Mestreau masterpiece found itself on The Spirits Business's list of 'Top 10 Value for Money Cognacs'.

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