Glann ar Mor Teir Gwech Triple Distillation 46% 500ml

Celtic Whisky compagnie

Proper, commercial, tasty enough whisky, but without a twist. It’s hard to remember.

  • Nose Young bark, foliage, wildflowers, pastries.
  • Taste Vanilla cupcake, tannins, green unripe pear.

  • Finish Medium-long, light, grassy, malt, with a mint nuance and a cigar flavour.

"Glann ar Mor" is a familly owned artisan distillery, created by Martine and Jean Donnay and facing the seaside on the Northern coast of Brittany in France, in a wild and beautiful setting. With its double live flame distillation (yes, for the wash still "and" the spirit still), its pair of small onion shaped stills, its worm tubs, its wooden wash backs, and in being easily "The Slowest Distiller in the West", Glann ar Mor is really different and simply unique amongst whisky distilleries. There must be magic in their hands, for the quality of their whiskey is impressive and to Jim Murray also. Not only that, but being the first in the world to age in Sauternes casks may have helped also !

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