Generous Gin Azur 40% 700ml


Generous Azur is a new fresh, sophisticated and floral gin inspired by the fragrances and eternal blue skies of the mythical Côte d'Azur. It was designed to be unanimous in both connoisseurs and casual consumers. By combining seductive packaging, a beach lifestyle brand universe evocative for consumers 25 35 H/F, a taste with complex flavours, Generous Azur has all the assets to be a success thanks to a reasonable price positioning.

Tasting Notes:

COLOUR: Shiny liquid surface; Color of colourless dress and Bright; Tears present particularly fat.

NOSE: Powerful, beautiful 'rising' complex with the citrus of the Mediterranean basin, violet fragrances and sensitive hints of Basil. 

Beautiful cocktail of ripe citrus fruits with straight and complex floral notes.

TASTE: Powerful, structured and particularly aromatic; Fresh violet flavours, notes of basil and blood oranges. A final with the rise of orange bitter

CONCLUSION: Beautiful set combining complexity and balanced sweetness.

It all started with a dream. A distiller’s dream. The dream of creating a spirit which would resemble a tree of life, creating the best flavor match that nature can offer in one single spirit. It was the idea of playing with aromas like playing the keys of a pipe organ. Or the vision of an extraordinary garden, a garden of Eden. The idea behind Generous Gin was to create a totally original, but simple product , easy to drink and appreciate. A Gin which could give the best Gin & Tonic. It was to use the best of what French tradition can offer: great natural ingredients, combined with a high precision of distillation in small pot-stills. The result is a bit like a perfume, or a great wine: a very well balanced, elegant and surprisingly smooth and aromatic gin. The special touch, the generosity of the gin, comes from the perfect match between different flavours.

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