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Ferme de Labouc Armagnac 'Blanche de Labouc' non-aged 45% 700ml

Ferme De Labouc
A Blanche is a clear Armagnac without ageing. Crystalline, shiny and limpid appearance. Fruity nose and very fresh on the palate, it retains the fruity aromas of the grape from which it comes. Makes an ideal mixer for cocktails.
Domaine Labouc is located at Labastide d’Armagnac, the heart of what used to be called “The Grand Bas Armagnac”. The Clavé family is the perfect illustration of the traditional poly agricultural Armagnac producer, a farmer with varied crops (corn, vegetables, and cereals), feeding various cattle (pigs, geese, ducks, and cows) and the vineyard for personal wine and Armagnac consumption, sometimes increased to limited commercial release, usually for hard time sake. The itinerant alembic passes once a year for the distillation of the wine. Working with smaller quantities allows for precision and therefore perfection. This is why Armagnacs Clavé de Labouc regularly collects gold and silver medals, year on at the Concours General Agricole Paris.

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