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Distillerie et Domaines de Provence Farigoule (Thyme) Liqueur 40% 500ml

Distilleries et Domaines de Provence
Farigoule is the Provençal name for thyme. Indeed, Farigoule is an emblem of Provence. A flavored digestive liqueur from the Haute-Provence region, Farigoule embodies the very spirit of provençal flavors. - Farigoule, a unique traditional liqueur, is served as a digestif, chilled or added to your coffee. - It has all the digestives properties of thyme to round off that perfect meal. - In the kitchen, Farigoule de Forcalquier marries well with grilled chicken and, flambéed; it brings out the flavors of pan of Gambas or large prawns. It can also be used to deglaze the pan for a sauce to go with rabbit. Our tip: Farigoule is delicious served over a lemon or thyme sorbet as a palate-cleansing "trou provençal" between courses. How do you drink it? Farigoule liqueur is drunk neat, chilled or over ice. As a granita: place some crushed ice in a liqueur glass, pour over the Farigoule and place the glass in the freezer until frozen. Served over a lemon or thyme sorbet as a palate-cleansing "trou provençal" between courses. Organoleptic profile Appearance: Farigoule has the color of old gold with the patina of time. The liquid is clear and bright. Bouquet: The aromas are warm, somewhere between the smells of scrubland (spicy) and thyme flower. Palate: The plant notes from the thyme flowers are joined by a lemon flavor, which gives the Farigoule length on the palate and a refreshing finish. Farigoule is elegant, full bodied, plump and well balanced with a memorable length of flavor.
For over 100 years, Distilleries & Domaines de Provence have been making provencal fruit liqueurs and aperitifs in the Haute Provence region. Established in 1898, Distilleries and Domaines de Provence has inherited a tradition that goes back several millennia: collecting medicinal plants on Lure mountain, known for its wealth and abundance of plant species. Today, Distilleries & Domaines de Provence has kept this expertise alive for more than 100 years and shared it with the rest of the world, much to the delight of spirit lovers everywhere. The relatively small size of DDP allows small batch quality; of course, they manage to impart to their products the fragrances of Provence and also its ambience. Famous for their Pastis Henri Bardouin and range of absinthe, they also produce delicious aperitifs and vermouths.

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