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Distillerie et Domaines de Provence La Grande Absente 69% 700ml

Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

Grande Absente 69, the modern, provocative "green fairy" which inspires the contemporary art scene, embodies all that is spiritual and anti-establishment.

Caution, you may become mad... about it!

Aside from the traditional absinthe ritual, the different plants and of course the absinthe contained in Grande Absente 69 makes it an ideal addition to an infinite number of cocktails. Shakers at the ready! How do you drink it? A few ideas to use depending on your tastes and desires:

  • Traditionally, with the absinthe spoon ritual: Place a piece of sugar soaked with Grande Absente on an absinthe spoon placed on the edge of the glass. Light the sugar with a flame. Gently pour the water over it, to slowly dissolve the sugar and tint the liqueur with an opalescent green.
  • Pour the Grande Absente over shaved ice.
  • Add a little water only for those who prefer bitter drinks that are not very sweet.
  • And those who love strong sensations will appreciate Grande Absente neat, at 69% alc/vol.
  •  In cocktails. 

Tasting Notes:
Colour: beautiful clear green colour with yellow reflections, which look clear and brilliant.

Nose: The aromatic power of grande absinthe dominates with the characteristic camphor and menthol notes which then mix in with fresh anise and spice notes.

Palate: A powerful attack due to the presence of absinthe, then the structured development leaves room for a fresh and spiced final note that gives the product its lingering taste.

Storage: at room temperature, not over 25°C or in the refrigerator. Store the bottle upright. No expiration date.

For over 100 years, Distilleries & Domaines de Provence have been making provencal fruit liqueurs and aperitifs in the Haute Provence region. Established in 1898, Distilleries and Domaines de Provence has inherited a tradition that goes back several millennia: collecting medicinal plants on Lure mountain, known for its wealth and abundance of plant species. Today, Distilleries & Domaines de Provence has kept this expertise alive for more than 100 years and shared it with the rest of the world, much to the delight of spirit lovers everywhere. The relatively small size of DDP allows small batch quality; of course, they manage to impart to their products the fragrances of Provence and also its ambience. Famous for their Pastis Henri Bardouin and range of absinthe, they also produce delicious aperitifs and vermouths.

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