Delord Epopee 130th Anniversary Armagnac 43% 700ml


Delord Epopee 130th Anniversary Armagnac 43% 700ml

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Product Description

In honor of our 130th anniversary, we decided to create an exceptional eau-de-vie to
celebrate the Maison's craftsmanship and highlight the labor of each passing generation.

In 1893, with the Agricultural Contest Medal, Prosper Delord earned recognition
among his peers. Over the course of these 130 years, Delord House has woven a
familial tapestry, filled with both adversity and triumph.
In this rustic Gascony, siblings have followed one another with an intense
conviction: to exist through excellence.
130 years of attempts, experiments, and refinement.
130 years to realize the exceptional nature of this ancestral eau-de-vie.
130 years to proudly carry its heritage and the teachings of its predecessors.
130 years... An épopée !

Jérôme Delord: "Thanks to these 130 years, just as my grandfather did
in his time, we create a unique bottle, true to the spirit of the house,
which will forever mark our place in the history of Delord Armagnacs."

We selected our finest vintages to create a unique and rare spirit, deserving the
Maison’s 130 years. To embody this blend, a vintage was chosen for each

- 1900 for Prosper Delord, a 123-year-old Armagnac: notes of rancio and spices.
-  1938 for Gaston and Georges: notes of dried fruits and spices.
- Jacques and Pierre: 1973 for its light notes of dried flowers and 1974 for the
finesse of its woody aromas.
- 2004 for Jérôme and Sylvain (current generation): gourmet notes of vanilla and

With this blend, we also took the opportunity to highlight the work of Sylvain
Delord, the master blender of the House.

Sylvain Delord: "An aromatic journey through the craftsmanship of four generations."

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