Copenhagen Distillery Dry Organic Gin 43% 500ml

Copenhagen Distillery
Juniper, Dill Seed, Cumin, Turmeric, Rose Pepper and Kvan. Scandinavian and British traditions unite in elegant Danish drinking. Nordic caraway and dill plucked from aquavit, augment silken juniper with fresh likenesses of lemon, lime and mint. Pink pepper?s fresh sparkle, angelica?s velvet texture and broad, complex turmeric finish the bracing gin?s balance?refreshing water of life, from both sides of the water.
Through a process of rigorous experimentation and perfection, we craft our various types of Copenhagen Distillery Gin to be exceptionally unique and pleasantly surprising to the palate. From the introduction of our award-winning Orange Gin in 2016 to our most recent Bay Leaf Gin, we always look to challenge the conventions of how gins are crafted. Copenhagen is a city that is known for its design, and our Copenhagen Gins follow in that philosophy?both in taste and aesthetic. Whether it?s by experimenting with new flavours or removing extraneous ones, we want all of our Copenhagen Gins to be instantly recognisable and 100% memorable.

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