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Christian Drouin Calvados Longpond Finish 45% 700ml

14 years
Christian Drouin

Long Pond Angels is a 14-year-old calvados Pays d'Auge which we have finished aging for 7 months in old French oak casks that previously contained the 1995 Jamaica Long Pond ITP Très Grand Rum.  

Bottled at 45%. vol, particularly rich, the nose is suave and blends notes of brown sugar, melon, papaya and apple. The palate has good acidity, with vanilla and pepper notes and a long finish of banana and apple.

"After Hampden Angels, we wanted to work with the other great distillery in Jamaica in this collaboration with Plantation Long Pond. We wanted to explore once again the surprising and magical combination of exotic rum flavours with those of our calvados.

Three generations of the Drouin family have produced quality Calvados in the Pays d'Auge region, seeking to express the full complexity of the Normand cider apple varieties. As head of the Calvados Christian Drouin company, Guillaume Drouin represents the third generation of a family that has always been fascinated by the search for a perfect balance between different aromas and flavours. Guillaume Drouin is a qualified oenologist and agronomist. After acquiring experience in the elds of wine-making and rum he joined the family business in 2004. Working with his father on the aging of calvados, he took part in the creation of the company's great blends while looking for new product ranges that would highlight original aromatic associations. Guillaume is a man full of curiosity and enthusiasm. His passion for the world of flavours, tasting and the art of blending soon led him towards a new creation, that of a Gin based on the apples from his orchards. Thanks to its method of production and the number of aromatic substances that compose it, this Gin is without any doubt the spirit that offers the broadest possible spectre of composition: an almost in nite eld for creativity, a challenge both rich and fascinating in the search for symbiosis between apples, juniper and aromatics of world-wide origin.

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