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Brillet Liqueur 'Belle de Brillet' Poire William & Cognac 30% 700ml

Maison Brillet
This is one of France’s classic and great liqueurs. It is the original blend of BRILLET Cognac and the essence of Williams Pears (Poires Williams). The perfectly matured pears, carefully selected, were picked at their peak of ripeness, macerated, then blended with BRILLET Cognac. About twenty pounds of pears for each bottle ! Elected by The Spirit Journal 2000 “THE LIQUEUR OF THE YEAR”
The Brillet family vineyard (60 hectares) are established in the Grande Champagne and in the Petite Champagne, the top two areas of Cognac located in the heart of the Cognac area. Ugni Blanc or St-Emilion des Charentes grapes wines are ideal vine stocks for the distillation of the Brillet Cognac and Brillet Fruit Liqueurs amongst them the “Belle de Brillet” Liqueur of Cognac and Pear William famous all over France in its beautifully pear shaped bottle. Very imitated and never equalled.

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