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Brana Eau De Vie de Poire William (Williams Pear spirit) 44% 700ml

La Maison Brana
Poire William Brana is a brandy from the fermentation of Pear William in stainless steel tanks. The pear wine is then kept in airtight containers so it does not change before being distilled. Distillation takes place in red copper vats, under running, a slow process chosen by the distiller to obtain a quality brandy, which is then stored in stainless steel tanks. A brandy with a very fine nose, with the Williams character and a nervous attack, giving the impression that you are actually eating the fruit and a long, velvety finish.
At Saint Jean Pied de Port, in the heart of the Basque Country, where the mountain meets the sea, the Brana family has been making wines and spirits since 1897. This is why, Etienne Brana, encouraged by his son, Jean, in 1974 set up a fruit distillery and planted Williams Pear trees on the slopes, thereby creating the Brana domaine on the sunny slopes of Mount Arradoy that dominates the valley of Saint Jean Pied de Port.

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