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Bouilleur Eau De Vie Verveine (Verbena spirit) 40% 500ml

L'Atelier du Bouilleur
Only the most interesting organic quality marcs of our region become the base for this delicacy, in France known as digestif liqueur. The purpose of the sugar is to balance out the verbena scent in the mouth. With the selected marcs already having a sweet taste, we don't need to resort to this procedure our Verveine is free of added sugar, making it unique. This we achieve by carbonic maceration of the white grapes, whereas the red ones are left to ferment in an airtight container. Our Verbena we obtain from organic producers in different spots nearby, between the sea and the mountains depending on the season. Right after the harvest, it is freshly extracted in the alcohol. Verbena and marc are traditional products. We combine them to make a modern vision of the spirit.

A craft distillery, located in the south of France, L’Atelier du Bouilleur is certified organic and organised as a cooperative. Distilling on demand for professionals and amateurs, as well as create our own spirits, like Gin, Verveine and Fine Faugères. The south of France – everybody’s dream: the sun, the flavours, good food and wine, tranquillity and the good life... a good summary of what we fill into our bottles and present to you here, the spirit of southern France, in the direct sense of the word. All our spirits are handmade in local, collective and vegan production and are organic or natural.

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