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Domaine Boingneres 1986 Bas Armagnac Folle Blanche 49% 700ml

Domaine Boingneres
A 1986 Bas Armagnac at 49% ABV. A rare example of vintage Armagnac distilled entirely from Folle Blanche grapes. in 1807 by Jean Boingnères and now run by Martine Lafitte, Domaine Boingnères has just 20 hectares and makes only top quality Armagnac. The wine is distilled in a 'Sier' still and then aged in 420 litre oak barrels, Strangely it has a dry ageing cellar creating a much slower ageing but an astonishing quality which makes Boingnères one of the few very best Armagnacs. And Martine makes sure that it is the dearest.
Armagnac Domaine Boingnères is located at Le Frêche, the heart of what used to be called “The Grand Bas Armagnac”. The Domaine Boingnères is established on 21 hectares: 11 ha of Folle Blanche, 6 ha of Ugni Blanc and 4 ha of Colombard. It was bought by Jean Boingnères in 1807. Léon Lafitte was the “soul” of the Domaine from 1953 to 1994. His passion and his intransigence for the quality of the Folle Blanche have made the fame of the Domaine. Today, his daughter Martine has taken over the Domaine with the same passion. Armagnacs from Domaine Boingnères are served on the most prestigious tables, in France and in the world, and are considered amongst the “cognoscenti” as one of the best Grand Bas Armagnacs famous for their wide palette of aromatics evolving in the glass hour after hour…

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