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Tissot Macvin Blanc du Jura 17% 750ml
Tissot Macvin Blanc du Jura (fresh savagnin juice + Jura marc) 17% 750ml This liqueur wine (Mistelle) has been present in the Jura since the 14th century. Resulting from the marriage of a fresh grape juice for 2/3 and a destemmed brandy of more than 4 years of age for 1/3.   Vinification and aging Manual harvest and pneumatic pressing. After settling for 6 p.m., the juices are transferred to a brandy of marc from Jura for several years. Aging takes place in 600 l barrels for a minimum of 36 months. Jacques Tissot's Analysis Olfactory Golden yellow color, intense and brilliant. Powerful nose with aromas of mirabelle plum, prunes, caramel and currant grapes.   Gustative Rich and powerful palate. Final on the sweetness with a great diversity. Aromatic candied fruits and dried fruits.   Aging Potential 10 to 25 years old   Food and wine Serve with melon, perfect with sweet and savory accords, foie gras, vanilla ice cream and currants, gingerbread, desserts with caramelized fruits. Service between 5 and 8 °

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