Turquoise Bay Amber Rum Mauritius 40% 700ml


The paradise on Earth some call Mauritius is home to six Rum makers and is one of the few realms that still offers the entire array of styles: traditional, agricole, light, dark, spiced, et cetera. With Turquoise Bay Amber Rum, the creators have distilled the essence of the terroir: sweetness and spiciness in a wonderful tropical dance that evokes images of palms, sand and sunsets. It’s a unique and unusual expression starting off as a traditional Rum, made from molasses. But that’s where its traditionality ends. The Spirit is joined by a dash of Rhum Agricole that comes from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, the Caribbean way. The invigorated amber blend is then finished in ex-Cognac barrels, adding sophistication and subtlety. An extremely sumptuous expression from Isle of Moris, perfect for summer afternoons, evenings and nights.

This rum has a lovely harmony between sweetness and spiciness with notes of toffee, raisins, honey and caramel.

What Arcane Rum stands for is this: in a white rum or in a 12 years old rum, you will always taste, in different versions, the magnificence of cane aromas. Arcane rum is always made from the distillation of pure cane juice picking the best of the various distilleries on Mauritius Island and doing the ageing in Cognac, avoiding therefore the brutal reductions of alcohol and water induced by the Mauritian climate, with the corresponding shrinking of the palette of aromatics. The cognac connection allows the creation of gins and other spirits which ally not only impeccable quality with a beautiful design and presentation. It is rare since most of the time you may have one but not the other.
  • Concours mondial de Bruxelles 2019 (silver)
  • Inside spirits 2018 (gold)
  • IWSC 2018 (silver)
  • IWSC 2019 (bronze)
  • San Francisco world spirits competition 2020 (bronze)

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