SKU: ARCAdelicatissime

Arcane Gold Rum 'Delicatissime' 1.5 years 41% 700ml

1.5 Years
Arcane Extraroma is an exceptional old rum aged in oak barrels. It combines the fresh cane aromas and the very smooth, complex aromas of an old rum. What makes it unique is its incredible aromatic richness. EYE: deep amber. NOSE: opulent, with notes of exotic fruits and pastry. PALATE: very smooth, with a profusion of flavors: exotic fruits, chocolate, vanilla, dried fruits. The best way to appreciate Extraroma is to drink it neat, but it is also an amazing base for the creation of original cocktails.
What Arcane Rum stands for is this: in a white rum or in a 12 years old rum, you will always taste, in different versions, the magnificence of cane aromas. Arcane rum is always made from the distillation of pure cane juice picking the best of the various distilleries on Mauritius Island and doing the ageing in Cognac, avoiding therefore the brutal reductions of alcohol and water induced by the Mauritian climate, with the corresponding shrinking of the palette of aromatics. The cognac connection allows the creation of gins and other spirits which ally not only impeccable quality with a beautiful design and presentation. It is rare since most of the time you may have one but not the other.

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