Togouchi Single Malt Japanese Whisky 43% 700ml


Togouchi's first single malt whisky is uniquely anchored between the land and the sea. The liquids are distilled near the Seto Inland Sea, while the casks are stored in cellars at the foot of the Osorakan mountain, in the small town of Akiota-Togouchi. Crafted and closely monitored by a team of local artisans from the region of Hiroshima, these whiskies capture several decades of expertise and reflect the passion at the heart of these iconic bottles.

Aged 3 years in a combination of bourbon casks and sherry cask

Non-coloured, non-chill filtered


NOSE: Fresh - Vanilla, apple, orange marmalade

PALATE: Rounded and sweet - Dried fruits, sugar

FINISH: Bright and short - Sweet spices, ginger

Bottling company for Togouchi Blended Whisky. Chugoku Jozo was founded near the city of Hiroshima. The Distillery produces since 1918 fruit liqueurs, sake and shochu under the brands Dharma and Songshan, a long aged shochu. In 1990 Chugoku Jozo started blending whiskeys under the brand Togouchi. Chugoku Jozo Distillery does not distill whisky but imports it already distilled, directly from Scotland for malt whisky and from Canada for grain whisky. Only the operations of aging and blending are performed by Chugoku Jozo master blenders.

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