Fortin Rum 3 years Paraguay 40% 700ml

3 Years
This rum 100% sugarcane honey, after fermented, is distilled in column stills and then aged in bourbon casks for 3 yearsNose: herbaceous (freshly cut grass) and floral (violet) with some citrus notes.Palate: Round and soft, he then becomes a little more powerful, a fairly balanced body. On a beautiful aromatic subtlety might be retained honey, floral and fruity notes with a hint of caramel.Final: banana “flambé” is felt on the final, without dominating the whole. Rum rather unusual but very nice with its long floral sweetness, a little vanilla on the finish "Subtle balance between honey, flowery and herbaceous notes and caramel. Vanilla final. Hints of flambé bananas."
The first Spanish conquerors arrived in Paraguay and introduced sugar cane to Guarani Indians; they will soon take ownership to replace their "chicha". Paraguay took over the culture of sugar cane and then produced one of the world's best sugar cane. This exceptional product is grown in an environmentally friendly manner and watered by clear waters that flow naturally in the middle of sand and stones taking care of necessary minerals for good concentration of sugar in the plant. It is the same water that is mixed later in sugar cane honey and gives the spirit of Rum Fortin an incomparable taste. Thanks to its original “savoir-faire”, Javier Diaz de Vivar develops an elegant and refined rum with lots of personality half way between Traditional and Agricole rums. It is a balanced rum, subtle, releasing floral notes, vanilla and honey buttons and finishing with spicy flavours. Rum Fortin comes in 3 years, 8 years and 12 years. The Passion Flower "Mburukuja" is the floral emblem of Paraguay and authenticates the bottle of rum Fortin.

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