Nusta by Macchu Pisco 3 Years 40% 750ml

3 Years
Macchu Pisco
Ñusta is our prized luxury, the result of a Meticulously cultivated small-lot of the finest italia grapes. Made in miniscule quantities and available only in select markets, this mosto verde pisco’s sublime aromatics and flavors are reminiscent of orange blossoms, fresh lemongrass, pear, melon and tropical fruits. The palate is luxuriously smooth and well rounded with a long, warm and persistent finish. Named for the incan princesses whose beauty was unparalleled, and aged for 3 years, Ñusta is one to be savored for the most discerning of Connoisseurs.
Macchu Pisco is first and foremost, a labor of love built around family. Nearly 100 years ago, Amerlia Redriguez was born. Growing up she helped her mum sell pisco at a local bodega in Lima, Peru. Nearly a centruty later, her two granddaughters Melanie and Lizzie created arguably one of the world's best pisco brands in her honour. To this day, Abuela Amerlia still tastes each vintage before bottling, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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