Sortilege Maple Cream Whiskey Liqueur 17% 750ml | Liqueurs | Shop online at Spirits of France
Sortilege Maple Cream Whiskey Liqueur 17% 750ml
New bottle, same great taste! Absolutely delicious all year round! Sortilège Maple Cream is a luscious blend of fresh dairy cream, pure Quebec maple syrup, and just the right amount of Canadian Whisky. Smooth and rich with a balanced taste. It is ideal on the rocks and will also add unique flavours to your coffee and favourite cocktails. This beautiful product has dessert-like aromas with a combination of vanilla ice cream, Maple, caramel and coffee milk chocolate. Milk chocolate and Hazelnut in the aftertaste. One of Canada’s finest products.   Shop more of the range HERE Learn more about Sortilege HERE 
Clase Azul San Luis Potosi Mezcal 750ml | Tequila | Shop online at Spirits of France
Clase Azul San Luis Potosi Mezcal 750ml
SAN LUIS POTOSÍ, LOCATED IN MEXICO’S CENTRAL HIGHLANDS, POSSESSES AN UNMATCHED CULTURAL RICHNESS, THE RESULT OF CENTURIES OF BEING AT THE HISTORICAL FOREFRONT AND A RICH INDIGENOUS PRESENCE. THE DESERT OF THIS REGION, ALTHOUGH INHOSPITABLE AT FIRST GLANCE, HAS ITS OWN TYPE OF RICHES: ABUNDANT CACTI, WILDFLOWERS AND SHRUBS; AS WELL AS ALL TYPES OF WILDLIFE SUCH AS HARES, COYOTES AND BIRDS THAT GIVE LIFE TO APPARENT ARIDITY. TO THIS DAY, ONE OF THESE LANDSCAPES, THE EXTENSIVE AND FORMIDABLE SEMI-DESERT MOUNTAINS, HIDES ONE OF MEXICO’S BEST-KEPT SECRETS: GREEN AGAVE. MEZCAL This mezcal’s unique profile stems from a meticulous process that involves steam cooking, milling and extraction using traditional methods and distillation in traditional copper stills. TASTING NOTES Colour: crystal-clear with silver highlights Body: full body Aroma: cooked agave, caramel, green chile, sweet fruit and freshly cut grass with subtle aromas of wildflowers Palate: herbal front with hints of caramel, lime zest and clove, with a mineral and spiced aftertaste  DECANTER The decanter made for this edition is inspired by the history of the Huachichil people, a nomadic tribe that roamed across the desert of San Luis Potosí in Central Mexico. The red colour of the ceramic alludes to the name of these people, which means “red-painted heads.” The carvings on the base of the decanter are symbols of its stories: the vast desert and mountains that make up its territory, green agave leaves typical of the region and the red finch which is of great significance to the Huachichil people. CAP Made by hand by Mexican artisans using a technique that uses coloured yarn to create intricate designs, the decanter’s cap represents a beautiful oneiric landscape of desert mountains and valleys filled with bright red finches in flight. Each cap takes our artisan more than three hours of work to complete. SIMPLE PAIRINGS Fruit: red plum, lychee or green olive Cheese: aged goat cheese, fresh goat cheese or requesón (whey cheese) Chocolate: white chocolate or ruby chocolate
Gabriel Boudier Blackcurrant Bud Gin 40% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Gabriel Boudier Blackcurrant Bud Gin 40% 700ml
Blackcurrant Bud Gin is an original creation of the house. This Burgundy Gin with its unique aromatic profile combines the freshness of blackcurrant buds and citrus notes with the flavor of slightly peppery juniper berries. An original Burgundy Gin, worthy of the know-how of the Maison Familiale Gabriel Boudier, liquorist in Dijon since 1874. ORIGIN At the end of the Second World War, Maison Gabriel BOUDIER became one of the rare specialists in French Gin by winning the supply of Gin to the American army in Europe. Our Burgundy Gin is composed of 9 carefully selected aromatic plants: Juniper, Blackcurrant bud, Cardamom, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Coriander and Ginger. The balance of the aromatic blend is subtly enhanced by the freshness of the Blackcurrant bud, giving this Gin its uniqueness. ELABORATION Our Blackcurrant Bud Gin is made by macerating the plants in hydro-alcoholic mixtures. They are distilled in the family copper still to obtain the concentrate, called alcoholates, of the 9 "botanicals". The alcoholates are then assembled and reduced to alcohol by dilution to 40% vol. TASTING Nose: offers a balance between juniper and blackcurrant, the very slight bitterness of the blackcurrant bud and the freshness of citrus fruits is supported by resinous and woody notes. Mouth: powerful attack, marked by the notes of juniper and blackcurrant, accentuated by the freshness of the blackcurrant buds, followed by woody and spicy notes. The finish is smooth, long and balanced. USAGE Blackcurrant Bud Gin is ideal with a good Tonic. Its fresh, spicy taste and exceptionally long finish will make your Gin & Tonic memorable  
Jean Fillioux Moulin Rouge 30 Years Grand Champagne Cognac 40% 700ml | Cognac | Shop online at Spirits of France
Jean Fillioux Moulin Rouge 30 Years Grand Champagne Cognac 40% 700ml
In an exclusive collaboration, Moulin Rouge ® and Maison Jean Fillioux present Moulin Rouge X.O Extra Cognac. Revealing the brilliant amber color of Cognac, Moulin Rouge EXTRA arrives in a majestic decanter, itself accompanied by a star-studded case. Prestigious amber-colored Eau-de-Vie, with aromas of vanilla, orange jam, pear and quince; leather and praline round off this divine palette that’s captivatingly sweet. Admire, savor and let yourself be carried away by intoxicating music, an explosion of feathers, rhinestones, subtle aromas and exquisite flavors. A perfect gift for lovers of exceptional pieces.
Delord Epopee 130th Anniversary Armagnac 43% 700ml | armagnac | Shop online at Spirits of France
Delord Epopee 130th Anniversary Armagnac 43% 700ml
In honor of our 130th anniversary, we decided to create an exceptional eau-de-vie tocelebrate the Maison's craftsmanship and highlight the labor of each passing generation. In 1893, with the Agricultural Contest Medal, Prosper Delord earned recognitionamong his peers. Over the course of these 130 years, Delord House has woven afamilial tapestry, filled with both adversity and triumph.In this rustic Gascony, siblings have followed one another with an intenseconviction: to exist through excellence.130 years of attempts, experiments, and refinement.130 years to realize the exceptional nature of this ancestral eau-de-vie.130 years to proudly carry its heritage and the teachings of its predecessors.130 years... An épopée !Jérôme Delord: "Thanks to these 130 years, just as my grandfather didin his time, we create a unique bottle, true to the spirit of the house,which will forever mark our place in the history of Delord Armagnacs." We selected our finest vintages to create a unique and rare spirit, deserving theMaison’s 130 years. To embody this blend, a vintage was chosen for eachgeneration. - 1900 for Prosper Delord, a 123-year-old Armagnac: notes of rancio and spices.-  1938 for Gaston and Georges: notes of dried fruits and spices.- Jacques and Pierre: 1973 for its light notes of dried flowers and 1974 for thefinesse of its woody aromas.- 2004 for Jérôme and Sylvain (current generation): gourmet notes of vanilla andcocoa. With this blend, we also took the opportunity to highlight the work of SylvainDelord, the master blender of the House. Sylvain Delord: "An aromatic journey through the craftsmanship of four generations."

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