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Massenez Liqueur de Abricot (Apricot) 25% 700ml

G.E. Massenez
Alcoholic Strength: 25% Content: 700ml Area of Origin: Alsace France Producer: G.E Massenez Massenez's Apricot Liqueur is relatively faithful to the gustative virtues of Apricot picked when ripe. Round, smooth. A velvety Liqueur with a sparkling colour reminiscent of Apricot flesh.   Aspect: Orangey colour, full velvety texture, visibly dense body.   Nose: Nose true to the original fruit. Fruity, sweet and fleshy.   Palate: Attack true to the initial nose. Distinct fruit flavour. Very prominent fruity, sweet flavour with a hint of acidity at the finish. The stone fruit flavour balances this Liqueur conferring freshness.
G.E Massenez has developed high quality 'triple concentrated' Fruit Liqueurs. Their rich aroma makes theme very versatile and they can be drunk neat, over ice, in cocktails or poured on ice creams, pastries, etc.. G E Massenez sets the standard of uppermost quality and price that its competitors only hope they could reach. This is of course due to the best Know how but also an emphasis on natural ingredients. Their Eaux de vie de fruit with the fruit apple or pear, prisoner and floating in the corresponding fruit brandy, in a beautifully shaped bottle, are a real surprise. They grew inside the bottle, suspended on the tree.

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