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Distillerie Pernot Liqueur de Sapin (Fir tree buds maceration & mountain plants) 40% 500ml

Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot
A light and mellow herbal liqueur, very appreciated in winter, traditionally known for relieving cough. You can drink it neat, or in a “grog”, and also to sweeten your absinthe. At the Emile Pernot distillery, the Sapin liqueur is an Art, it follows a very strict protocol in 2 complex steps: 1. A meticulous distillation of 24 rigorously selected herbs. 2. A fir buds and sugar maceration. Whereas Sapin liqueurs are usually made on the base of a simple alcohol, sugar and fir buds or even branches maceration, the Emile Pernot distillery uses his savoir-faire to service a refined and rare liqueur unique in the world.Its alpines and floral aromas will carry you to the great fragrances of our Jura mountains.The Sapin liqueur is traditionally drunk chilled without ice, in a little liqueur glass at the end of a meal.Little trick recently discovered: replace the sugar in your absinthe by a little dose of Sapin liqueur, the result is surprising!
1899 was the beginning of Emile Pernot Distillery located in the heart of the best area for producing absinthe, the plant and consequently the distillate, an area that continues across the Swiss border into the Swiss Jura. Absinthe distillation at Emile Pernot :The two century-old copper alembics used by Emile Pernot for their absinthe distillations were made by the famous firm of Egrot in the early 1900s. They were especially designed and built for absinthe distillation, and they are the only stills of their kind in operation anywhere in the world. These stills allow the Pernot distillery to produce absinthes of exceptional quality according to methods unchanged for a century.2010 saw the birth of the world widely acclaimed Berthe de Joux and La Maison Fontaine, and then 2011 & 2012 saw the rising success of Absinthe Authentique. But Emile Pernot is not only about absinthe, this would be too simplistic, especially if you’ve ever tasted their firtree liqueur called Sapin, a complex product not produced anywhere else and which is loved at first sip! As well as Gentiane and Absinthe liqueurs.

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