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Francois Voyer Cognac Vaudon 2011 Fins Bois 43% 700ml

Francois Voyer
Francois Voyer Cognac Vaudon 2011 Fins Bois 43% 700ml This Fine Rare special is a young Cognac that has been aged for around 2-3 years while capturing the fruitier, naturally sweet eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois. It truly is a young, fresh expression of this cru.  Floral and delicate on the nose with pretty notes of jasmine and ripe banana. It is a delicate bouquet, floral then fruity and subtle, very seductive. Surprisingly soft and silky on the palate, the pear notes are very present and accompany you several minutes after tasting. The whole leaves a very pleasant impression of purity
The 28 hectares of vineyard are situated in Grande Champagne region, 1st Cru of Cognac, renowned for its longer after taste, it aromatic power, and so, its big ability of long aging. Voyer Cognac is a family run cognac domain that is passionate about every detail in making cognac. They try hard to harmoniously balance old traditions with the best techniques of the modern age to get the most from their Grand Champagne vineyards. The style is closer to classic like the big commercial houses of Cognac but with a quality that could only exist in a perfect world. The champion of the XOs.

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